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The bear in the WINDOW cover.jpg

There's a Bear in the Window

By June Pitman-Hayes

Published by Scholastic NZ

This story celebrates the great teddy bear hunt that entertained thousands of children in New Zealand and the world during 2020's COVID-19 lockdown. The story flips the bear hunt around. Rather than us spotting them, what do they see?


"Illustrator Minky Stapleton's bright and colourful artworks add to the fun of the story. Stapleton always makes her illustrations inclusive and diverse, and this book is no different. Different cultures, religions and races are represented within the illustrations, as are multigenerational households. She also includes plenty of instantly recognisable flora, fauna, and settings."


There's A Bear In The Window takes a chaotic moment in our history and turns it into a catchy, fun song that will bring a smile to little reader's faces.

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