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Nanas with no Manners

Written by Justin Christopher

Published by Scholastic NZ

"This very amusing picture book has all the ingredients that make kids want to read. It is silly, it is funny and it has old people acting badly and irresponsibly, all the things that children are often accused of being.

Nana Martini wears a bright pink bikini, Nana Bonita is a noisy eater and Nana McCartan can’t hold a fart in. Three brilliant characters who love chocolate nachos with cheese. They lick their plates, use cell phones at the table and never say thank you or please. Then a disguised doctor advises them to eat at a dubious restaurant with iffy water and their lives get a bit awkward. Read it and see what happens.

Justin Christopher’s rhyming text is clever , funny and great for reading aloud while Minky Stapleton’s characterisation of the three nanas is highly entertaining and enhances the silliness and the humour.


There is a message of good manners in there and good reasons to be considerate with others, but if you like chocolate nachos with cheese all hell can break loose.

I loved it and so will you"

from Bob's book blog

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