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Sample for Rare beer 

For D&AD RARE Sydney

This limited-edition beer, created by Melbourne-based beer company ​SAMPLE Brew​ especially for Sydney event D&AD RARE was brewed using data that demonstrates the lack of diversity in the creative industry.

The beer draws its inspiration from the philosophy of RARE – to champion diversity in the creative industry – with key ingredients formulated to statistics. Pale Barley and Pale Wheat make up 82.9% and 17.1% respectively to represent the male to female split of CEOs within the industry. The ABV, Alcohol by Volume, is set at 6% for the number of gay, lesbian and bisexuals in the industry, while the IBU (International Bittering Units) sits at 21.9%, signifying the current pay gap between males and females.

Says Arron Ollington, head of brand experience and activation at SAMPLE Brew who project-managed the multi-collaboration: “The pay gap is supposed to leave a bitter taste in your mouth.”

For labels and packaging, design partner Maud collaborated with local artists Vexta, Gemma O’Brien, Minky Stapleton and Andrew J Steel to create singular designs for the unique bottles.

Says Tom Fethers, design lead: “We’ve picked the Rarest form of packaging design: limited edition hand painted bottles to celebrate the craft of graffiti and expression. Each bottle is itself rare, an reflection of these brilliant artists.”

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